Welcome to Vegan Oslo!

Hello and welcome to the Vegan Oslo blog, where we will be keeping you up to date with the Vegan Oslo app as well as giving you an insight into behind the scenes development, some words on vegan life in Oslo and resources related to veganism in general.

Perhaps you already downloaded the app. Or perhaps you're new here and are wondering what this is all about. So let's take a tour.


This is Sally. She is the brains behind Vegan Oslo. A designer, illustrator and committed vegan activist, Sally came up with the idea, designed the app, and began to build the Vegan Oslo database with her personal knowledge of the best vegan spots in the city.


Here's the Vegan Oslo logo. You've seen it before, and you'll see it again. And that's a good thing. Pretty isn't it?

So here's what you came here for, the app itself. The thing is, it actually needs very little explanation. It's been designed to be simple, intuitive and useful, using a clean interface and simple familiar google maps functionality to connect you with the best vegan resources in the city.


Here's the really special bit. All the info about every location on the map is right where you need it: opening times, contact details, and personalised reviews with the kind of information that only comes with being regular visitors and friends with the establishments. The descriptions are written to be as helpful as possible to the everyday needs of vegans in Oslo.

This is Oslo. Tt's a great big city full of lots of interesting people and places and vegan gems, both on the high-street and hidden away, Vegan Oslo is here to make your life in the city more easy, more fun, and more vegan.  Let's explore together!