Gratulerer med morsdagen!

Here at Vegan Oslo we want to send big love and respect to all those vegan mothers out there. You face a lot of judgement and critique for going vegan yourself, and so much more if you also raise your children vegan. Raising children can be a lot of hard work anyway, but raising them vegan doesn't make this much more difficult or complicated than it already is. In fact, if you are used to being vegan yourself it's probably easier!

It is possible and it is healthy to raise your children vegan from birth. Breast milk is vegan and you can get soy baby formula if you decide not to breast feed. Most baby food after the milk stage is vegan anyway as it consists of vegetables, fruits and rice cereals. When your baby starts to eat proteins, the cleanest protein you can give your baby is from plants such as tofu, tempeh, and soft cooked beans.

When it comes to clothing, I don't know anyone who dresses their babies up in leather or fur, but I know that people have a misconception that wool is the best choice for their children. Living in cold Norway, it is very important that we keep our kids warm, Polar fleece and gortex seem to be two of the best fabrics to keep you warm and are manmade, polar fleece is widely regarded as at least 2 times warmer than wool. See some polar fleece baby gear here.

Every parent has the right to choose what is best for their child and raise them according to their beliefs. I think that the most important thing to teach our children is kindness and compassion, expose them to lots of different cultures and beliefs and encourage them to consider how the things we do in life affect others and everything else... and one day they will make up their own mind.

Here are some of my favourite children's book for raising thoughtful and kind kids.

I hope you all have a lovely mothers day, whoever you spend it with.