Review: Briskeby Cafe

Sometimes good food leads to more good food. We went out several weeks ago, to walk around the neighbourhood following a particularly large meal. Having indulged in some rather large portions of particularly good home made food, we decided a stroll would be a better way to aid digestion, better than lying down and clutching out full stomachs at least.

I think I had somewhere in mind that I wanted to walk to but as usual I chose the wrong way and we ended up walking around some streets we were unfamiliar with, when we came across and unassuming building with a menu in the window, and stuffed with food as we were we may have walked straight by, unable to consider another mouthful of food, were it not for two words on the sign: Libanesisk Cafe.

I've been a big fan of Lebanese food ever since I came across the restaurant Al Dar in London around 10 years ago, and since then have never passed up the opportunity to try out a new Lebanese restaurant, and Briskeby Cafe was to be no exception

However on this occasion we could not manage to test out the food, so we took a photo of the cafe, made a note of the street name, and made a mental note to come back.

And that is what I did last night. The cafe is friendly and relaxed, and the owner cheerfully chatted with me about the menu, which has a good selection of meat-free dishes, most of which are vegan. A group could happily get a selection of the meze dishes and share, as is customary, but I was alone this time, feeling hungry and greedy to try as much of the menu as possible.

I settled on the meze tallerken, which came with hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, falafel, olives, fried potatoes, delicious roast vegetables (including my favourite, roast cauliflower) and plenty of bread to eat it all with.

These are my favourite kinds of meal: lots of choice and variety on a plate, every bite is something new, and endless combinations of delicious dishes arranged on your bread.

This had been what I was looking forward to ever since we first came across this place: fantastic  food at a reasonable price, a chilled environment, helpful staff, plenty of vegan options, and only a short walk from my front door!

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