Clear your schedule, the vegan weekend of the summer is upon us.

This weekend you need to clear your plans, gather your vegan friends (and those who aren't vegan yet hehe) and get ready for a whole weekend of awesome summer vegan stuff that you really would be silly to miss. There is a Dyrvernfest on friday, a vegetarian festival on saturday and about a million pop up restaurants on Sunday (it's restaurant day don't you know) that cater really well to vegans! We thought we would give you a run down of everything going on so you can make some plans and prepare your stomachs to be filled with loads of tasty stuff.


5pm til late

Minding Animals Norge have arranged a Summer party for animal rights. They want to gather the different people and organisations involved in animal protection in Norway for an informal little chill. This year it will be held in Frogner Park.

There will be games and different teams. The winning team gets a trophy and the honor of hosting next year's summer party. It's all just a bit of fun! They will provide a grill so just bring some lovely vegan hot dogs or other vegan grill food of your choice!


11am - 5pm
Fredriksten Festning, Halden

Vegetarfestivalen in Halden will have a focus on food, cooking classes and exhibitions for everyone who is interested and curious about vegetarian and vegan food!


1pm - 6pm
Korsgata 16, 0551 Oslo

In May we did an excellent pop up vegan restaurant with NVS called Eat For Compassion (read about it here)  and it was so fun that they have decided to do another pop up this summer! It's at the same venue - the cosy little Grendehuset in Grünerløkka.

This time they will be serving tasty sandwiches and decadent cakes. Take a little trip to Løkka and meet some nice people and maybe hang out, eat and play some board games.

All food will be vegan with some gluten free choices. All profits here go towards NVS's work for veganism and animal rights. There is no entry and everyone is welcome!

6pm - 9.30pm
Sandakerveien 8c, Oslo

Vin og Grønt is going to travel next year and this will be the last event of 2015 so they are having a big party! They want to celebrate the food culture of this beautiful city with all of you, one more time and in a special way. Together with a special guest, friend, colleague, collaborator and musical partner: Michele Cardarilli (also chef with experience in the most important restaurant in Oslo such as Maaemo) and the support of the most valid farmers in town, they are going to present a tasting menu (5 courses) based on vegetables that they farmed themselves in Bygdøy. The intent is to show the wide biodiversity of seasonal vegetables of this part of the land and give the best culinary experience with these products.

The event will be hosted in their private garden and all the guests will be dining at the same table so everybody can experience the food and the wine all together. The wine pairing will be also based on wines from their micro vinery production in Oslo. After dinner, a little acoustic music entertainment will follow, performed directly by the chefs. You can´t miss that! The menu will be mostly vegetarian/vegan but if you have a specific request, please include that in your reservation.

1pm - 11pm
Påfuglen, Nordre gate 20, 0550

Another exciting pop up for Restaurant Day in Grünerløkka. Påfuglen will be treating you to a restaurant experience with DJ's, fusion and organic food.

Chef Erik Gren has worked at some of Oslos top restaurants (Onda, Madserud Gaard and Annen Etage). Erik has made food for both the King of Norway and Jahn Teigen!

At least one of their items will be vegan, with many of the others looking promising. Here is a snippet of their menu:

”Viva Las Vegans” - Fresh hummus salad with vegetables

”Good morning Vietnam” - Fresh vegetable spring roll with peanut sauce

”Smurfs up” - Blueberries, almond milk, beetroot and a lemon twist

Book a table:

10am - 4pm
St. Hanshaugen Park, 0171 Oslo

Just when you thought you finally knew how to make Hummus, two Palestinian chickpea chicks put the classic hummus to shame. They call upon all Hummus-Sapiens to come and have a delicious vegan hummus party with them. The food would be perfect for breakfast/brunch/lunch or just a snack and is available for both sit down and take away. 

3pm - 10pm
Revolver, Møllergata 32, 0179 Oslo

The time has finally come! Mission Taco are kicking off their first ramen serving on pop-up Restaurant Day Oslo! They have been perfecting a rich, creamy tonkotsu vegan broth for weeks. Top your ramen with menma, spring onions, sesame seasoning, red pickled ginger or garlic chips!
They will start serving in the backyard of Revolver at kl.15 until they sell out (only 75 bowls). Come on down and enjoy some authentic Japanese ramen! 本当においしいよ!!!!

11am - 6pm
Cyan :studio, Jens Bjelkes gate 13A, 0562

On 16. August there will be the first ever pop up cafe held at Cyan:salong! Food photographer and blogger Gitte Paulsbo will be showing her recent photographs and offering a selection of chcolate desserts and many types of raw desserts and smoothies. All food is vegan, homemade, healthy, sugarfree and allergen free! 

Here there is something for everyone so come and try some tasty treats that are good for you and the environment too! Check out Gittes website here and her blog too!

1pm - 6pm
Nag, Schweigaardsgate 88, 0656

A new gallery/record store and art space on Schweigaardsgate has opened serving french and italian street food and homemade kombucha! All food served will be vegan and glutenfree! They will also be serving Socca: a type of pancake made with chickpea flour and olive oil. It is a traditional snack eaten along the coast between Nice and Pisa. They serve them with a fresh side salad made from apple and fennel. They take cash only!

What is restaurant day though?

On Restaurant Day anyone can set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day. It can be anywhere: at your home, at the office, on a street corner, in your garden or inner courtyard, at a park, or on the bench - only your imagination is the limit.

The quirkier the concept of your restaurant is, the better it attracts people. However oddities aren't necessary. Good food and drinks at a nice place are enough - the most important is to create a restaurant that you'd like to visit yourself. After all, the idea of Restaurant Day is to have fun, share different restaurant experiences with other people and enjoy our living environment together. Follow Restaurant Day Oslo here!