Vegan Brands sold at KICKS

The Vegan Norway app is filled full of nice places to eat and buy vegan food. We get so many emails and messages from people people telling us how happy they are to find vegan friendly places to go for dinner, or to grab a bite to eat at lunchtime. 2 years into starting the Vegan Norway project we now have a pretty good overview of the vegan restaurants and grocery stores in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and soon Stavanger. Whilst it's awesome that we now have almost 500 vegan friendly places in the app, I don't really feel like we have enough places which are focused on non food items like makeup, skincare and cleaning products. This is something we are working on.

Veganism is not a diet, it's a commitment to reducing animal suffering. Whilst animal agriculture is still the most prolific source of animal suffering and death, the cosmetics and clothing industries are also a massively harmful force. Unfortunately animals are still widely used as clothing (for example fur, silk, leather, and wool), to make ingredients in skincare and makeup products (stuff like beeswax, lanolin and carmine are often used) and even though it is widely looked down upon in society, many cosmetic companies still use animals to test skincare and makeup products on, despite there being reliable alternative product quality testing methods available.

Here at Vegan Norway we understand that trying to find vegan friendly skincare and makeup products can feel a little bit scary so we want to make an extra effort to find great places to add to our app which sell animal cruelty free products which are free of animal derived ingredients.

In our app you will find all of the various Lush stores. They are most definitely one of our favourite places to shop for skincare. We also love Aesop and Rituals, who have their own stores in Oslo. In Bergen you will find a really cool store called Pepper which sells lots of fancy vegan friendly brands and in Trondheim you can get really great vegan products from Etikken and Scent. Aside from this we get a lot of our skincare products from many of the health stores listed in the app like Røtter, Helios, Kinsarvik and Sunkost. Check out all of these places in the Vegan Norway app.

Shopping vegan at KICKS

KICKS are a well known chain of beauty stores in Norway they sell many scandinavian and international brands of makeup, beauty accessories and skincare. I realised that it would be super helpful for vegans to be able to shop there so I spent a whole day going through their list of brands that they sell to find out what is and is not vegan and created a guide.

100% Vegan Brands

These brands do not test on animals and do not contain any animal derived ingredients

Beauty Blender - Makeup sponges.

Bulldog - Skincare marketed to men.

Clean - Fragrances

Colorwow - Haircolourant to cover grey hair

Dr Bronners - Soaps, Haircare, and Skincare

Emma S - Skincare

Estelle & Thilde - Skincare

Formula 10.0.6 - Skincare

Healgel - Skincare

Honoré des Prés - Fragrances

Konjac Sponge - Facial sponges

Madame LALA - Tanning lotion

Rahua - Luxury hair products

Sachajuan - Hair care

Stella McCartney - Perfume

Sweed Lashes - Eyelashes

Animal cruelty free brands

These brands do not test on animals but some of their products may contain animal derived ingredients so its best to check each product individually. 

Anastasia - Brow and contouring makeup

Andrea - Eye makeup removing pads

Ardell - False lashes

Aurelia - Skincare

Bjork & Berries - makeup, skincare and fragrances

Ciate - makeup

Deborah Lipmann - Nail varnishes

Eyeko - Eye makeup

Hanz De Fuko - Hair Products

I love... Showergels and skincare

Jorgobe - Skincare

Lash Food - Eyelash and Brow makeup

Lernberger Statsing - Hair products

Rituals - Skincare

Rodial - Skincare

Each KICKS store stocks a different range of brands so its best to check their website to see if they stock the product you are looking for before you go in. Otherwise you can shop online.

Please let us know if we have got any information concerning the brands listed here wrong. We spent a long time researching  this article and want to make sure that we are providing accurate information to vegan consumers.