Pur Oslo cookery class

If you are anything like me, you find it nearly impossible to walk by Kulturhuset without nipping in to treat yourself to one of their delicious salted chocolate chip cookies. If so, then like me you've probably fallen a bit in love with Pur Oslo, the company that makes them, and wished you could make food as delicious as theirs.

Well you can! Last week I was happy to take a seat at the Pur Oslo cookery class, right next to their production kitchen up the stairs from Kulturhuset, where I got to try my hand at making some recipes, created especially by Pur Oslo so that fans like me can create food akin to their in the comfort of their own home.

Led by Megan, the founder and head chef behind Pur Oslo, a small and intimate class of friendly and inquisitive people got to make a starter, main course and dessert, and then of course eat them at the end!


The class size was small enough that we were all able to get involved with the food preparation, but enough so that it didn't feel like there was too much pressure on any one person: anybody could join in or watch as they preferred. Everybody in class was fun and friendly and interested in vegan food, raw food, and all the health benefits that come with them.

For starters, we made a raw salad with spiralized squash, avocado and figs. I was especially interested in this part as I had just bought a spiralizer and I was wondering what to start with, such a strange new tool in the kitchen, it was a little bit daunting!

Our main course included a favourite of mine: butternut squash. This type of squash is not so common in Norway, but if you find them they are a hugely versatile and delicious vegetable: easy to cook and naturally flavourful. We roasted ours and served them filled with a rice and vegetable mix which was delicious and filling, and the perfect type of warming foood for those autumn nights that start to get colder and colder.

For dessert I was especially excited as those cookies I mentioned before and crave so much made a very welcome appearance. But this time we were going to upgrade them even further, making cookie sandwiches with a mix of nuts and berries blended to make a creamy filling. If you know how good these cookies are by themselves then you can perhaps imagine how excited I was to try these little wonders: I was not disappointed!

Overall the class was a great experience. It was filled with friendly, enthusiastic people who were as much fun to cook with as they were to dine with afterwards. Megan is a great class leader, incorporating a good balance between instruction and class involvement, and was a warm and welcoming host.

Sitting down to dinner with a group of strangers can be a bit daunting sometimes, but having gone through the cooking process together, it was a relaxed and enjoyable end to an already great evening. And knowing we all now had the skills and information to cook these delicious recipes at home made the meal all the sweeter.

Pur Oslo run cookery classes regularly, if you are interested in joining one, then you can follow them on Facebook for news on upcoming classes, or send them a message to make sure you don't miss out!