31 days of Veganuary

Welcome to 2016! Oh and welcome to Vegan Norway for all you newbies. You are probably wondering who we are and wondering what veganism actually is. Well don't worry, all veganism is, is a conscious effort to try and exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose. And us, well we started about a year ago with a free app called Vegan Oslo, which helps you find vegan friendly places to shop and eat in Oslo. In April we will be launching a new app called Vegan Norway so that people can finding vegan friendly stuff in other cities too!

If you have decided to kick start your 2016 by challenging yourself to taking part in Veganuary then congratulations! You are going to start feeling amazing in no time, whilst doing some good to the environment, your health AND not hurting any animals in the process.

This time last year, a big group of my friends decided to also take the Veganuary challenge. Whilst it may seem daunting and scary to go vegan for a whole month, the majority of my buddies actually made it through and around half of them even ended up staying vegan too! With just a little bit of know how, I reckon you will find your veganuary an absolute breeze! The new veganuary website is absolutely packed with great info to help you on your way, so check it out!

31 Days

Here in Norway we are very lucky to have the 31Days project. 31Days focuses on organised vegan dinner parties that aim to excite and inspire. The 31Days team are challenging some cool people that inspire them to get involved in creating diverse and true-to-themselves vegan meals to share with people they they have perhaps never met before!

31 days is a collaboration between 3 creative women, a vegan, a carnivore and a flexitarian who want to do something bigger and more exciting with their own Veganuary experience. 31Days is a fun approach to help others think about the food they consume.

'This will be 31 very different experiences', says Eat in Common creative leader, Sanda Zahirovic. 'We've got some fantastic people on board as hosts around the world. They will open their homes to strangers for a private dinner. Some are high-profiled chefs, some are artists, adventurers, musicians - with one thing in common: being up for a culinary and social challenge.'

The subject matter of animal consumption typically holds a curious position at the furthermost tucked-away compartments of our minds, and tends to escape contemplation. Wrapped in layers of conventions, traditions, relations and emotions, it is a topic that can be hard to engage in conversation.
— Nina Børke

However, as we get to grips with issues surrounding the environment, our health and animal ethics, our relationship to food cannot be ignored and more and more people are taking a more honest and forward thinking shift to their diet. Even big global food corporations are taking note and 2015 saw a huge boom in vegan and plant based food, many small businesses started based around compassionate lifestyle choices and new tech is starting to pave the way too. Creative activists are cropping up everywhere, as we all try and find new, fun and progressive ways to be kinder to animals and to each other.

You can check out the 31 days website here, it's very pretty. And whilst they regard the whole thing as more of an art project than anything else, and it is sort of pretentious, we still think it is pretty cool. There are dinners being hosted all over Norway and you have to go to the Eat in Common website to find out if you can get a place at one of the dinners. Here are some of the coolest 31 days events happening across Norway that we think you should check out:


Høyfjellsmåltid i lavvo i byen

Tuesday 12th January

Tasty vegan soup and rustic bread around a fire in a lavvo, surrounded by beautiful Norwegian nature. 


A Bastant Dinner

Tuesday 5th January

The wonderful Bastant will be providing tasty sit down buffet style food. We love how creative they are here!



Vegan Night In

Wednesday 13th January

Karine is the woman behind the blog kitchnqueen.com and we have to say that her menu for this event looks absolutely spectacular! Unfortunately this is now sold out but we can't wait to see pictures of all the food!


A four course top chef feast

Tuesday 12th January

Chef Rasmus will be joined by Vetle Torp Holberg (sous chef at Fish&Cow in stavanger) in making a 4 course fully vegan dinner with mostly locally grown produce(which is hard in Norway in January).