We are opening our own 100% vegan restaurant! ...April fools!

Going back to our roots

For the past few years we have been building up a vegan guide to all of Norway's best vegan friendly restaurants. Many new vegans open our app and are surprised to be able to find a world of different tastes and cuisines that they didn't think they would be able to experience ever again after adopting a vegan lifestyle. Vegan burgers, pizzas, cheesecake and hot dogs are now populating the menus of over 500 places in Norway, and whilst we think that it is amazing that vegans can easily get to experience the same culinary delights as everyone else, we do see a gap in the market.

We have for a very long time wanted to open our own restaurant which caters to more traditional and essential desires that burn inside every vegans heart. We are vegans after all, and we need to remember what it was that brought us to being so great in the first place. The appreciation for all things natural. The refusal to lower ourselves to the selfish gluttony of the rest of society. The simple love we have for the world. Our love for eating purely green.


Eat grass and be happy

The greens you will find at our restaurant are of the highest quality. Certified organic, cruelty free, biodynamic, heritage, paleo, and yogic. We manage the growing process ourself on our local vegan community run grass farm in Nesodden. For the past five years we have been building an optimal facility, working with Norways best botanists to create a base soil which we can add flavour marinades to in order to pepper our grass with popular tastes. See our menu below to find your favourite.

We treat our grass humanely to ensure that it has the best life possible before we harvest it, that's why we only water it with Voss. We have various Sonos music players set up across the farm with an Enya spotify playlist on repeat, and a projector set up with an inspirational quotes slideshow to ensure a calming and organic vibe at all times.

Our restaurant

We have been working hard for the past 4 years and now are finally ready to open Norways first 'gresstaurant'. We will be opening in Oslo today on the 1st April, on Dronningensgate, so come and find us! You will probably smell us before you see us. We welcome everyone!

We believe in kindness for the whole natural world and thats why we strive to treat our customers with the same love and care as we treat our plants. Thats why the same playlist, mood lighting and energising habitat that you find our grass treated to at the farm, you will find yourself treated to at the restaurant.

Our menu