Celebrating the kindness and compassion we experience every day.

The Nice Awards is Norway's first ever celebration that honours vegan friendly businesses, organisations and companies to provide them publicity, fame and recognition. The Nice Awards accolades cover a wide range of categories celebrating the work of independent individuals and larger businesses alike. Projects that make the world more vegan friendly are awarded with a Nice Award to push them further for success and inspire others to do the same.

The nicest way to show your appreciation.

These days it's relatively easy to be vegan, so much so that we almost take it for granted. We must not forget that only a few years ago it was difficult to find vegan fast food in Norway, hardly any restaurants served tofu, and not many shops even sold soy milk! At the same time, there were only a few veggie focused blogs around, animal rights charities were much smaller and there were not many good quality documentaries or resources on the subject of ethics and animals. 

It was harder back then but good people pushed against the odds and did things that would make the world a better place. They wrote books, made documentaries, organised events, created charities, and opened businesses. As more resources became available, more people found themselves turning to a greener lifestyle. It's now easier than ever to be vegan.

It's important that we actually take the time to say thank you to the inspiring individuals that have made this happen. The passionate writers behind the blogs we read, the ethical chefs working hard in kitchens to create fantastic dishes, bright entrepreneurs trying to introduce greener products to the consumer market, and kind volunteers giving up their evenings and weekends to help charities help others. Their hard work inspires change, and secures a better future for us all. We created The Nice Awards to celebrate kindness, and the efforts of the people who center ethics in their life and career.

Sounds cool? 

nicest new product

In 2016 we saw so many great new vegan products bursting on to the market, but which one has been your favourite?


nicest newcomer

We have also seen lots of wonderful new businesses, organisations and bloggers inspiring people to make more compassionate choices.


nicest blog

Norway has a very active vegan blogging scene, but which of the vegan related bloggers do you think has the nicest blog?


Nicest restaurant

The Vegan Norway app lists hundreds of amazing vegan friendly restaurants in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, but we want to know what your favourite restaurant is in the whole of Norway!


nicest store

It's becoming easier and easier to buy great vegan products, as we have so many great stores to shop in. But do you like to visit fancy boutiques, wander round health food stores or just shop online? Tell us about your favourite place.


nicest organisation

Norway is full of amazing organisations working against the odds to help make the world better for animals. We love them and we think that it's about time we let them know how much they matter. 


nicest service

From cooking classes and vegan holidays to caterers and weekly boxes of vegan food delivered right to your door. There are many different vegan friendly services out there. Which one do you think is the best?


nicest brand

We love brands that put ethics at the forefront of their business, letting it shine through their products, their customer service and their style. Tell us which vegan friendly brand has a special place in your heart.

The nicest place

The Nice Awards 2017 will be held on the 13th of May as part of Norway's biggest veggie event of the year: Oslo Vegetarfestival! Each year the brilliant people at Oslo Vegetarfestival organise a fantastic event filled with workshops, inspiring talks, great stands and tasty vegan food trucks spread out between DogA and Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo. The Nice Awards ceremony will be held in the festival venue and will be open for everyone at the festival to attend.

The nicest people

The Nice Awards will be presented by the biggest personalities in the green scene: some of the nicest people we know.

The nicest stuff

Each winner will receive a really lovely award which they can proudly display wherever they like! And it's not just winners that get goodies to take home: to celebrate The Nice Awards first year we are creating a limited edition zine about the whole event called 'Nice'. Everyone who attends The Nice Awards ceremony will be able to get themselves a copy.