One Day in Stavanger

There is actually quite a lot of vegan friendly places in Stavanger. But if you're new to town, or new to veganism, it may be tricky to find where the hot spots are. Luckily for you we made a list of our favourite vegan friendly places. Enjoy!


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Ostehuset is one of our fave vegan spots in Stavanger because it is central, has a relaxed vibe, lovely staff, and some great options for vegans! Option include the avocado toast, hummus sandwiches, mexican salad, cauliflower soup and special vegan sandwich which has creamy cashew cheese on it! They now have a bunch of raw vegan cakes which are so perfect when you don't want a whole meal but fancy something sweet with your morning coffee. Ostehuset also function as a shop where you can buy artisanal chocolates, spices and herbs as well as many of their homemade sandwich toppings, so you can take some of their amazing hummus home.


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økologiske dagligvare

A grocery shop with a focus on organic products, Økologiske Dagligvarer have two stores in Stavanger. Stocking fresh fruit and vegetables all-year round,  they stock produce from Norway and the area local to Stavanger whenever the various items are in season. Also in store are a large range of items, from snacks to baby food, from coffee and tea to rice and pasta and fresh homemade bread: this store has lots to offer and lots of high quality organic items.


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Ethiopian cuisine ranks among our favourites, and Gådjå is definitely among our favourite restaurants. Conveniently located in the centre of Stavanger, Gådjå has a whole vegan section of the menu with 7 main course dishes to choose from. Our favourite dish here is the Gådjå Vegan Special Beyeanetu, which is a red and green lentil curry, chickpea curry, spinach, beetroot and asparagus and is served with salad and cooked vegetables. This costs 165,-kr for one person, 300,-kr for two people to share, or 430,- for three people to share, so the more people you share with, the cheaper it all is!




We are not exaggerating when we say that these are the best spring rolls in Norway. They're crispy, fresh, and packed with filling, you simply must try them. Norvina is a small family run shop and takeaway and aside from spring rolls their menu has a "Vegetar" section with ten tofu based dishes, all of which are vegan! Try tofu and cashew sauce, tofu chop suey, green curry tofu, and tofu fried rice. The tofu is homemade and all of the dishes cost 85,- a great price for such delicious food!



renaa xpress 

Renaa Xpress is a great place to visit with friends where you can order a delicious vegan pizza straight off the menu. The popular Marinara comes topped with fresh and delicious garlic oregano, olive oil tomatoes and chilli and costs 120,-kr. Our favourite however is the Peperonata which is topped with aubergine, peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives and oregano. It's a real treat and costs 150,-. If you don't fancy pizza, there is soup, paninis, and vegan salad with pickled vegetables at 85,-

There's so much more you can do in Stavanger...

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