One Day in Trondheim

There is a lot of cool stuff happening in Trondheim. We love the vegan scene here. If you are planning a visit, our list of the top five vegan friendly places is definitely worth checking out. 




Popular among vegans and meat eaters alike, Mat Fra Hagen is a great place to have a quick snack or a healthy dinner. The whole menu is vegan and they offer variety of vegan food including burgers, wraps, salads and sandwiches as well as juices and smoothies. They recently started a deli bar with lots of small dishes to choose from so you can create your perfect meal for 165,-. Most of the food is locally sourced and is served on boards with wooden cutlery. We also love their smoothies and raw cakes!

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Etikken is a well stocked grocery and lifestyle shop right in the centre of Trondheim. It has plenty of options specific for vegans, such as vegan cheeses from Tofutti and Violife, mock meats from Hälsans Køk, Den Vegetariske Slakteren, and sometimes from Gardein! There are also cruelty free skincare products and household cleaning products in which you can bring your own containers and pay by weight. In addition to this they have beans, pastas, rices, tinned goods and other staples which you can pay by weight for too. This is a great shop with a great selection for ethical, vegan shopping, and they even have a webstore.




Lucky you to have stumbled upon a little oasis of handcrafted beer and pizza right in the heart of Trondheim. Order yourself a fabulous 'Living on the Veg' pizza topped with rocket, vegan kebab meat & vegan tzatziki for 149,- They have the vegan tzatziki and some vegan parmesan available as sides so it's pretty easy to veganise the other pizzas on the menu too! We might love the vegan version of the 'Swedish Invasion' pizza even more than the 'Living on the veg' to be honest... If you are more of a salad than a pizza person you can get any pizza as a salad for the same price. They often have vegan soups here too, and do a great lunch deal for 129, where you can get half a pizza with salad or soup. Lovely!


Visit Norway's only 100% vegan donut shop

The Vegina donut shop 

Weird name, great donuts. Welcome to the Vegina Donut Shop! There are usually 10 different kinds of vegan donuts available every day here which range from classic sugar glazed donuts to crazy flavours like the 'golden brown' donut which is topped with vegan nutella, caramel, and sea salt (I know, yes it is amazing). Donuts cost between 35,- to 40,- and are well worth it.  As well as doughies they also make some great juices too! This place is well worth a visit, we all need to treat ourselves sometimes.

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Grab lunch at


Falafelkompaniet is one of those 100% vegan restaurants that doesn't just attract vegans, but everyone else too! On the menu you will find lots of cool stuff but we always go for the classic falafel wrap which costs 115,- (95, if you are a student!) In this wrap you get lots of tasty falafel, hummus, greens, salad and relish. For a more filling evening meal, go for the falafel middag (160,-) which comes with tasty roast potatoes, oven baked filled vegetables, and a red wine sauce... fanciest falafel ever! There are also some fab gluten free options here and a couple of great side dishes (the tabbouleh is magic). As well as this they have a great selection of drinks like a hot ginger toddy, green ice tea and a matcha and ginger lemonade.

There's so much more you can do in Trondheim...

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