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When you sign up as a Vegan Norway app tester, you get to try new app features before anyone else, and you are contributing to helping others find vegan friendly places to eat and shop! It's not too much work, just ten minutes of your time every few months when we have new versions of the app to test.



Soon after signing up, you will receive an email confirming that you have been added to the test group. You will then be able to download the test app.


To install the newest version of the test app on iOS, you need to download an additional app called TestFlight. Open TestFlight to see if there are any updates and install them before beginning the test.


To install the newest version of the test app on Android you simply need to go to the Google Play store on your phone, search for Vegan Norway and click on the update button there.



There are two tests, and you can choose which one you want to do. Both tests take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The first test is all about the core features of the app, and the second test is more of a deeper insight into the new features that we are currently developing. If you have already tested before make sure that you have the newest version of the test app downloaded. We recommend that you have the test form open on a second device such as a laptop so that the testing process is faster and natural.


Are there any other ways to get involved and help?


We started with just an idea and have developed that idea into not just app but a community of people all over Norway who also want to engage in animal advocacy work. It makes us happy to know that our app has made life easier for thousands of vegans and helped hundreds of people convert or try veganism. We now have a team of vegan friends from all over the place who help us curate and update the content in the app, help us test new app features, and represent Vegan Norway at the events, parties and product launches that we get invited to. Do you want to get involved in our mini revolution? As part of the Vegan Norway team you will be making a real change in helping promote veganism in an accessible way. We call our team of volunteers 'The Hive' because we think its fun to imagine ourselves as busy bees all working together to help veganism grow.