New year, new places

2018 has only just begun and already we have quite a few new vegan friendly places in the app to tell you about. Grab a cup of tea, relax and read all about it here.


Gate of India


Gate of India has some great veganisable options on their menu. We love their classic chana masala (179,-), but the punjabi dahl, and vegetable biriyani is also really good. Most of their veggie dishes have milk in them but if you just let them know that you are vegan and that you don't want any milk in your dish they are more than happy to accommodate your needs. We always get some onion bahjis on the side too! 




Wünderburger is one of the most popular burger joints on Torgata, in the very centre of Oslo. They now have 2 tasty veganisable burgers on the menu. You can go for a falafel burger or a tofu and spinach burger. Just make sure you let them know you are vegan so that they can use the vegan bread and switch the non vegan dressing for avocado. It costs 80,- for a burger, and an extra 10,- for the avocado topping.

The onion rings are not vegan here but the fries are. We love the fries here, they’re super crispy! Wash down your burger with a fancy beer or our fave soda: club mate!


The Body Shop

Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim & Stavanger

If you're in need of some stuff which will make your body fresh and lovely, then you are in the right place. The Body Shop has a great range of vegan friendly products, and have even started marking which ones are vegan friendly in their stores (and on their web shop too!) Our fave products include the aloe soothing night cream, the maca root shaving cream, and of course the British Rose shower gel! There is also a lot of vegan friendly make up here too, like their big and curvy waterproof mascara and their brow palette. The Body Shop is always a good call for gift buying. You can pick up a little vegan friendly gift box of goodies here for around 200,- If you are not sure which products are vegan, just ask the staff. I'd always double check myself though, just in case!


Cafe Løkka


Cafe Løkka is a fun little gastropub right on the water in the centre of Trondheim and is a fun place to come and eat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Their veggie burger is really nice and with a few tweaks can be made vegan! It's a delicious chickpea burger served with BBQ sauce and salad on a focaccia bun, served with fries, for 169,-kr.


Espresso House


Didn't have time for breakfast? Don't worry! Espresso House do a healthy vegan breakfast sandwich which is filled with avocado, tomato, lettuce and carrot. It costs 37,- and is the perfect thing to tide you over til lunch. They also do a vegan wrap (74,-) which is available all day. It's filled with hummus, beans, rocket and vegan cheese! If you fancy something a little sweeter then check out their delicious chocolate truffle ball! Now I'm not sure if I would describe this as a cake or a just big truffle, but anyway, it's very chocolatey and amazingly vegan too! With fresh coffee, soya lattes, juices, and smoothies available, we knew it was time to include Espresso House in our app.