Oh Oslo, we love you.

Oslo Vegetarfestival is over and we had a blast. We were there selling cookies to raise money for Dale Store Gård; Norways biggest animal sanctuary. It was such a great weekend and it was lovely to get fantastic feedback on both the cookies and the app. We actually sold out in the end, so thank you to everyone who came by the stand to support us.


New Oslo Hot Spots

Whilst it might seem like all we do is bake these days, we have been working on the app too! We have added a bunch of new places in Oslo recently and I think you might like to hear about a couple of them...



This place is 100% vegetarian and over half the menu is vegan! When we went there we had the nicest avocado toast ever, served on a sourdough bread with some lovely pickled red onion on top (105,-) there is also a great sandwich with guacamole and vegan cheese, and a lovely tofu scramble! We like Kumi because their vegan dishes are clearly marked, it has a fresh atmosphere and they're eco friendly, using as little plastic as possible.


Bistro Budapest

Bistro Budapest is the best place for vegan food in Mathallen. They now have several vegan menu options, which include a couple of soups, langos, and a great sandwich. Our fave is the vegan sharing plate, in this dish you get some tasty langos (delicious fried bread) filled with pulled Oumph” cream of roasted aubergine & pepper, onion confit,, smokey bbq sauce, vegan coleslaw, and red wine onion marmalade. It costs 269,- and is worth every kroner.

As well as this there is a great sandwich on the menu for 129,- called 'vegan delight'. It is filled with Pulled Oumph, smokey bbq sauce and salad and served in lovely ciabatta bread. If you feel like something light, just go for one of their vegan soups!



Our fave bakery just opened a new branch right on Karl Johan! If you have never tried raw cake then you simply must check this place out. They always have between 8-10 different raw cakes available each day and they change their selection all the time. The cakes cost 49,- a slice and strike the perfect balance between delicate and luxurious, rich and sweet, moreish and healthy. It all tastes so delicious that it's hard to believe that everything here is soy free, gluten free, sugar free and dairy free! This makes Oslo Raw a wonderful place to take your pals who suffer with allergies. We recommend the ever popular 'Snickers' cake which is layers of chocolate, caramel and nuts all sandwiched together into a perfectly formed slice. We like to enjoy our cake with a chia latte or a glass of kombucha.

As well as cakes you can also find delicious healthy vegan salads here, soups, and some great seasonal specials too such as pumpkin pie and beetroot soup. They really put a lot of time into finding the perfect ingredients for their cakes and salads, most stuff is organic, locally sourced and ethically sourced.

Oslo Raw actually started as a catering company and you can order huge delicious vegan raw cakes from them for 499,- which is a pretty good deal considering how expensive it is to make raw cakes. Get in touch with them next time you need something extra special for your event. See if you can spot the other places around town selling their yummy cakes.


BD57 - Brew Dog

The menu here has a great vegan option: the three bean chilli. It's a big portion of chilli, topped with guacamole, served with nachos, and it costs 129,-. There are also a couple of veggie options that can totally be made vegan with a few tweaks, just let the waiter know you are vegan and they will help you. For example, the Big Fat Greek sandwich just needs and the Unholy Guacamole burger just need the cheese removed. We love to get the truffle fries and just switch the truffle mayo (which contains egg) for sweet chilli mayo (which doesn't). 

If you are into craft beer you are in the right place. There are soooo many options here, not just from the Brewdog brewery but other more local Norwegian brands too such as Amundsen Bryggeri, Bådin, and 7 Fjell Bryggeri.

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Fresko have moved house and you can now find them at Vulkan in Grünerløkka. Fresko have an extensive health focused menu with clearly labelled vegan options. Many of the non-vegan things on the menu can be veganised too. The fresh pressed juices here are divine and they even make their own fresh peanut butter. With a lot of protein focused health foods on the menu, this is a great place to eat after you have been working out. We recommend the raw rainbow salad (139,-) or the Acai bowl (89,-) with a delicious vegan hulk shake (76,-) and maybe a Lenny and Larrys vegan cookie for afterwards!


Tea Lounge

Tea Lounge is a pretty good choice if you are off to meet a friend for lunch or take someone out on a date. On their menu they have a great vegan toast which is filled with avocado, rocket, olive oil and tomatoes. We usually come here for a pot of fancy tea and some of their vegan raw cakes, which are made by our faves: Oslo Raw.  In the evenings it's a good spot to start your night out, with a fancy cocktail or two.

Find hundreds more vegan friendly places in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger in the Vegan Norway app!