One Day in Bergen

A fantastic city famous for its scenery, rainy weather, and legendary arts and music scene, Bergen will always hold a special place in our heart. It was hard for us to pick our favourite vegan friendly places here, but we have managed to do it!




Pygmalion is a great centrally located ecological and veggie focused restaurant in the centre of town near Torget. This is one of the 'safest' places to go in the city for a vegan meal as the staff are very knowledgeable about veganism. All you need to do is ask them to make sure that they veganise your meal. Our favourite dish here is the vegan burger, it comes with a side of beautiful roast potatoes and they are covered in vegan pesto! Last time I was at Pygmalion I had the burger and a coke and it cost around 200,-. There is also a fantastic wok dish here and a vegan wrap. The specials are often vegan or veganisable and sometimes they even have vegan cake here! It's a really nice brownie cake served with a raspberry sauce.




The Bergen branch of the health food store chain, Kinsarvik also stocks a range of vegan products from mock meats to vegan cheeses, as well as sweets and treats from great brands like Pana Chocolate, Funky Fresh Food, Bio-Life, Suma, Seed and Bean amongst many others. Kinsarvik is always good for picking up some of the more obscure items you might find in your recipes, from agave syrup to chia seeds, so a trip here will almost certainly improve your meals!




Dwell is a restaurant, a bar, a night club, AND a yoga studio! They have so many vegan options on their menu, including burgers, toasted sandwiches and empanadas. We love the black bean BBQ burger (175,-) which is topped with red pickled onion and served with salad or chips. You can get vegan cheese on your burger for 20,- which of course we always do, and there are a bunch of vegan sauces and dressings to choose from including an aioli made from almonds! As well as the burgers we are also a massive fan of the seitan kebab, and the vegan toasted sandwich. They have a full cocktail menu here, as well as a health bar menu, featuring shots, juices and teas as well as Ayurvedic drinks. Depending on your mood/the time of day, this can also be a destination for yoga classes in their studio, or for dancing at their regular club nights.




Is there sweeter music to your ears than the news that a new artisanal ice cream shop has opened, and they are offering vegan options? Hallaisen is brilliantly placed in central Bergen and has a cozy little shop where they sell a range of home made ice creams. The vegan option is the mango ice cream made with coconut milk and is excellently creamy and delicious, a proper ice cream for vegans, not just a sorbet! The staff here are very friendly too which makes visits even nicer when you feel that craving for ice cream, which for us is very often indeed!




One of the most upscale restaurants in Bergen we have found to do a vegan option, and not too expensive either. Soya was already our fave vegan restaurant in Bergen, but now they have upped their game and added a lot more vegan options. 

Our favourite is the Buddha Hotpot; a clay dish filled with seasonal mushrooms,  fried tofu, and vegetables coated in a Szechuan sauce. The mushrooms are succulent, the tofu pieces are huge and tasty, and the sauce is delicious. It costs 198kr, and is the perfect thing to eat if you are going out for a fancy meal with non vegan friends: show them how delicious vegan food can be, we guarantee they will be asking you to try a piece!  We also adore the mapo tofu vegetar, and the simple but beautiful pan fried broccoli. 

There's so much more you can do in Bergen...

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