Sally's Cookies


We have spent the last week on a lovely cabin trip in Gålå. On our trip we talked a lot about our personal experiences with veganism, and ways that we can help make it more accessible to everyone. We also read this great book by Carol J Adams - The Sexual Politics of Meat. Whilst we were out there we perfected our recipes for seitan roasts, and made so many cookies! We thought we would share our recipe for what we consider to be the most ultimate cookie of them all, because being vegan doesn't always mean being health focused. These cookies are so quick and easy to make, once you have done this a few times, its easy to make them real fast from memory!

You also need:

An oven, large bowl, big jug, sieve (not 100% neccessary) , baking tray, baking paper, cup, big spoon, and a fork or a electric whisk.


Oreo prep

Before you begin, get all of your utensils and ingredients out and preheat the oven to 180°C.  Get all of your oreos out of their packet and carefully twist them so that the top biscuit and the bottom biscuit come apart. Discard (eat) all of the biscuits that are left without the creamy layer. Spread the peanut butter or chocolate sauce on top of the creamy layer of one oreos and use another one to close it. You should now have a double cream, peanut butter oreo! Repeat this with the remaining oreos.



In a big jug, use a fork (or an electric whisk if you are feeling lazy) to mix the sugars, oil and vanilla.


In a separate cup mix the non dairy milk and tapioca flour until all lumps have disappeared. Add this mixture to the jug containing sugar & oil and whisk vigorously until it looks like smooth caramel. This should take about 2-3 minutes.


In a big bowl mix the flour, baking soda and salt using a sieve. Add the wet mixture mixing well until you have a lovely well combined cookie dough. Add the chocolate chips (or ingredients of your choice.)


Spoon about 1 tbsp of cookie dough onto each side of the biscuit. Use your fingers to gently pat the dough around the oreo so that there is about a half inch layer covering all sides, with no gaps. The oreo should be completely encased in the dough so that you can no longer see it. You will probably have extra dough left over for which you can use to make a couple of plain cookies or do what I did and cover some peanut brittle bars with them - see my picture at the bottom)



Line a baking tray with baking paper and place your oreo cookies on it with enough room between each of them (about two inches) so that they can expand while baking. The recipe here is enough to make roughly twelve cookies so I usually bake them in two batches.


Bake for roughly 12 minutes until the cookies are slightly crispy and golden brown around the edges.


Leave to cool on the hot baking tray for 5 minutes, moving to a cooling rack afterwards. We recommend eating them whilst they are still warm and the oreo fondant is still oozing out of the centre! Don't get too keen and burn your tongue though!


I love to enjoy these cookies with friends or as a late night treat with a glass of cold non dairy milk. They are a fantastic easy treat to make for your non vegan friends who think that all vegans eat rabbit food.

We also decided to experiment with putting other things in the cookies. The peanut bars (Mr Tom) turned out amazing!