A small request

The new version of the Vegan Norway app is out now and we are so happy because this release is actually going pretty smoothly so far. For the past few months Christian and I have been working together every sunday to make this happen and now we can enjoy using the app just like everyone else, and work on developing the next big feature.

If you dig it, share the love!

At Vegan Norway we work for free. This is because we simply want to make it easier for people to find vegan friendly places to eat and shop, and don't want to charge people for using the app. We would absolutely love more people to find and use the app, because that would mean that more places would sell vegan food and that in it itself would mean more people would go vegan. It would go on and on and veganism would actually grow.

Facebook reviews

We used to have a stellar 5 star review on Facebook but it's been brought down by one or two reviews recently which I guess is OK (I promise I'm not that upset). But, if you love the app and you are on Facebook then a nice review would really get us back up there and give a great first impression to people who are thinking about using the app.

App Store reviews

Even better than a Facebook review is a great App Store review. We get so excited when we see new reviews, and they help so so much. To leave a review on iOS just search for Vegan Norway on the App Store. To leave a review on Android, go to the Google Play store and search for Vegan Norway.

Post about Vegan Norway

Blog about us, interview us, post about us on your social media, text your veggie mate about the app and download it for your Grandma. It all helps people get to know that our app is out there, and that will in turn help people go vegan!