Get the new version of the Vegan Norway app now

The new version of Vegan Norway is pretty cool, it has pictures in it! We have spent the past few months redesigning both the Android and iOS apps to accommodate images, figuring out how our servers would handle it, and embarking upon a mission to get not just any old pics but really beautiful photographs of every single place in the app.


We prioritised adding images over all the other feature ideas we had planned because we know that no matter how well we describe the places in the app with words, a picture always describes it better. We want to show people that vegan products and vegan food can be tantalising, fresh, vibrant and inspiring. We set about finding images that show each place in the app in the best light so we can help you have a little bit more context when you are choosing where to shop and eat.

How can I get the new version?

Because we are unsure of the strain that images will cause to our servers we are planning to do a staggered release. So your friend may get it a few days or weeks before you do.

However you can get around this by signing up to be a tester. After signing up you get access to the new app before everyone else, and all your friends will be really jealous... maybe.