New places in the app

There are even more new places in the Vegan Norway app. In fact these past two months there has been so many places being added, some places that have sadly taken vegan items off their menu and some other places that have made a grand comeback that we decided to check the stats. We currently have exactly 729 places active in the app! 415 in Oslo, 127 in Bergen, 98 in Trondheim, and 89 in Stavanger.

I'm looking forward to the day we get to 1000!


Pasta Fresca


Ever long for a plate of pasta? Not just the regular stuff from the supermarket, but the real Italian kind, the made with the kind of love and attention that only Italians can feel for pasta? Pasta Fresca is the place for you then, and they stock up two three types of vegan pasta daily, and costs 15,-/100g for short pasta, and 17,-/100g for long. Also in store you can find delicious olives, tasty tomato paste and fancy olive oil, everything you need to buy to make yourself a perfect Italian meal!


Roxys Diner


Roxy's Diner is the perfect place to meet your friends for some weekend hangs. They have a great vegan burger on the menu for 218,-. It's a soy burger with vegan pretzel bread, vegan aioli, salad, and chunky salsa. We have tried it and it's pretty damn delicious. You can upgrade that burger by adding some sweet potato fries or onion rings to your order. Looking for something sweet? They have yummy vegan apple cake (80,-) and vegan milkshakes (88,-)!


Fire Lake


Fire Lake is a really nice place to go to on a special occasion, like a hot date or a birthday party! They have a special vegan menu which has 3 great main courses on it, and a bunch of sauces and side dishes. Their chickpea 'steak' (176,-) is the real star dish here. It's full of umami, really filling, and is served with your choice of sauce and two side dishes. We would go for the smoked chilli sauce, grilled carrot and the mashed potatoes. Yum! If you don't fancy the steak, there's also a vegan burger and a salad. There are no vegan desserts on the menu, but that's ok because you can just get a cocktail instead!


Myrens Kjerne


Myrens Kjerne is a great place to come to for lunch if you work in the nearby area. Here you can get your hands on a lovely vegan burger! This is a big burger made from sweet potato and chickpeas. It costs 169,- and is served with fries.  They also have a veganisable salad (145,-) on the menu for those of you who aren't keen on burgers. The salad consists of cherry tomatoes, avocado, grilled vegetables, and bread. Just ask them to leave out the butter that they usually serve it with. If you don't feel that hungry you can get a soy latte, a juice or maybe some tøyen cola?


Dana Bakery


Dana Bakery is place I always assumed didn't have anything vegan, but we checked it out one day and found that it's a bit of a hidden gem! There are quite a few vegan treats on the menu here, all of which are perfect for lunch or a little snack, and at really good prices. We really love their bulgur salad, the vine leaves stuffed with lentils, samosas, spring rolls, oh and of course the lentil kofta. The boreks are not vegan as they are covered in egg, but if you tell them you are vegan and they are not too busy they may have time to make you a special one!


26 North

Bergen & Stavanger

26 North is a bit fancy. It's a nice place to visit if you have something special to celebrate, ...or if your boss is paying for dinner! There isn't much on the menu here for vegans but you can get a 'hipster tartar' for 145,-. It's a vegan tartar made of baked beetroot, onions and fresh herbs, a plum compote, ketchup and chips made out of black rice. I would get this with a side order of potatoes, as it's not especially filling. There is no vegan starters or dessert on the menu but if you let the waiter know you are vegan and they are not having an extremely busy day they are usually happy fix you something.